Way back in the spring of 2015, I sat down with the members of Tigerman and we brainstormed ideas for a music video for their song, "Someday You'll Be My Wife." By June, we had a script, and by the end of July, we had begun shooting. Even though we were in the midst of music festival season, we still shot intermittently throughout the summer and completed principle photography in early October. On April 16, less than one year after we began, we proudly premiered what had grown into a music short film. 

"Someday You'll Be My Wife" has screened at the New York City Independent Film Festival, NewFilmmakers New York and Golden Door Film Festival among others, and is a Gold Cindy Award winner.

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Surplus Content

Here's the full luchador match between Ultimo Tiger and Delmonico the Destroyer:

Here's the trailer for Someday You'll Be My Wife:

 Photo by  Doug Werner . 

Photo by Doug Werner