Script Editing

I offer comprehensive script editing services. We can go line-by-line or broad and thematic (and everything in between). Whatever you feel you need, I can help you.

Gender Inclusive Script Audit

Are you a white man with a script?

Afraid your script could be interpreted as sexist?

Worry not. You’ve come to the right place.

I will go beyond the Bechdel Test and do a complete Gender Inclusive Audit of your work.

I’ll tell you where your script could use some work, how your script might be interpreted by non-white, non-male readers/viewers, and offer alternatives where appropriate. Let’s make sure that what you mean is what they hear. Let’s make your work as inclusive as possible.

My price is quite reasonable as I am passionate about making films better for women and others. No judgements here. You can’t think of everything, and you can’t read minds. Let me help you avoid being misinterpreted so that your vision and your message come across the way you want them to.

Shoot me a message on the Contact page for info on rates and turnaround time.


"Risa’s questions in script development are some of the most useful and deliberate I’ve ever been asked. She finds all the right points to bring out and help me to shape each draft into something more focused and effective than the previous ones. She does one of the best things an editor can, which is help building those mechanisms inside the screenwriter by which he or she can grow. More than just helping in editing, she’s improved my thinking for when I begin projects. Her input is among the most valuable and direct I’ve ever had." - Fred Henry III, writer/director of award-winning short film "Design"

"Working with Risa has been an amazing experience on multiple levels. Aside from finding grammatical and formatting errors that I was blind to after working on it for so long, she had comments and suggestions that transformed my script from something good to something professional. She is a total pro, awesome to work with and I'll never use another script editor again. You won't be disappointed." - Dennis Rainaldi, writer/director of short film "The Prodigal Mother"