My newspaper days have made me a Hawkeye. I can copy-edit superbly, but content is where I do my best work. Most recently, I was editor of Colin Pope’s beautifully haunting book of poetry, Why I Didn’t Go to Your Funeral.

I was also editor of a book of poetry called Penultimate Human Constellation, a conversation in poems between a father and son, which the Arizona Daily Sun calls "a must-read, for it will compel readers to pursue the light in the darkness, chase the tough questions and, hopefully, you know, call their dad [...]"

Need ideas on what I could edit for you? I've edited

  • research papers

  • manuscripts

  • screenplays

  • pilots

  • doctoral theses

  • pleas for leniency in court

  • newsletters

  • newspapers

  • brochures

  • flyers

  • novellas

  • news articles

  • and of course poetry.

My years of writing and editing poetry have taught me to consider every single word, and I've become quite adept at trimming the fat from scripts and stories to make them read at exactly the pace desired. I'm an unabashed slasher, and I can polish your work and make it market-ready. Whaddya got for me?