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Free WWE Story Pitch #2: Adrian Neville


Free WWE Story Pitch #2: Adrian Neville

Some call him the Prince of the Skies, but since Neville's debut on the WWE main roster, he's been pretty grounded. The pattern of pulling thriving talent out of NXT only to bury it on RAW and SmackDown is a continual one. Neville is just another casualty in McMahon's War with Logic. But what if the elvish Brit were actually given a fair shake by the WWE? Here's one way that might pan out.

The silly League of Nations decides as a "PR move" to "mentor" smaller wrestlers in the WWE, AKA torture them. This could set up four different storylines involving Triple H's latest company goons as well as four mid and lower-tiered guys. We can confirm that the LON are getting sadistic with their power and keep thumping that David and Goliath dynamic that works so well with little guys.

Think of it: Sheamus brings up Finn Balor just to continually beat him down. Del Rio, even though he was bested in the ring by Calisto, can nonetheless torment him outside of it. Sami Zayn, by sheer lack of a Canadian counterpart, gets saddled with Rusef, and Bad News Barrett gets to snatch poor Neville out of the air.

This can slowly play out over a month or two with the little guys deciding, of course, to form their own faction to overthrow the LON. But here's where it gets hairy: Kevin Owens will not leave Sami Zayn alone, even though he will be knee-deep in an epic feud (hopefully) with the newly-rostered AJ Styles.

So when the big battle between Big Guys and Little Guys inevitably goes down on RAW, an interruption from KO will take Zayn out early on. This will free Rusef up to double down on Calisto with Del Rio, and soon it'll just be Balor and Neville, back to back against four giants. 

With the odds stacked against them, Neville will do the unthinkable: he'll whale on Balor. Why? In case you hadn't noticed, Balor tends to turn into a demon. So the LON, being a bunch of main roster guys, will just sit back and laugh, because Neville will be doing their job for them. They won't believe all the hype about Balor. They're big and strong and he's just a pup from Developmental.

Of course, Balor won't like being tossed around and landed on by Neville, with whom he is friends. And soon, they will be brawling. Finally, like an infernal beast, one hard smack to the face from Neville will send Balor into a demonic rage, and even though he won't have his makeup on, the good folks in Lighting can do something red and spooky. 

The problem with demons is they don't discriminate. The demon, having awoken in Balor, will look around the ring and see one man inside it: Adrian Neville, who will probably gulp as he realizes his plan has just backfired. The beating that will ensue will be fast and crazy until Calisto and Zayn manage to get to their feet long enough to pull Neville out of the ring.

And who is left on the apron? The League of Nations, of course. And they will scatter like the chickensh*t heels they are. But Balor will manage to catch the slowest (doesn't matter who) and it'll take the rest of the League jumping on top to get him out of Balor's supernatural clutches. This will be the end of RAW: all four giant guys in the LON, eventually joined by The Game himself and possibly corporate Kane if he's around, holding down Demon Balor as the rest of his old NXT buddies look on in bruised horror.

On SmackDown, Sheamus will come out with his giant compatriots at the opening to cut a promo about how things got a little bit out of control on Monday night, and as a consequence, the League of Nations will be shuttering their mentor program. Balor's music hits, and he comes out, flanked by Calisto and Zayn. Although spooked, the LON will interrupt Balor's promo about how they don't need mentors by remarking how strange it is that Neville isn't with them. Balor will get a mournful look in his eye, and then a look of dread, as Neville's music hits.

Out he'll limp, clutching his bandage-wrapped stomach and being steadied by some backstage hand. He won't make it down the ramp, preferring instead to address the whole gang from the top. Dipping into his reserves of babyfaceness, he'll forgive Balor for tearing him up. Balor will get choked up, as will the audience, because when you actually let Neville speak, he's genuine and eloquent. "I forgive you," he'll say. And then he'll turn to the League.

"But you, Barrett, and all your buddies, will pay for what you've done. We challenge you to a no holds barred elimination match... at Wrestlemania!"

Zayn and Calisto will be stunned, but Balor will look at Neville and they'll nod in understanding. Maybe Barrett will attempt the old, "We're not going to fight you pipsqueaks" routine, but Triple H will come out to assure him that oh yes, they will.

Triple H will be angry at how they've been neglecting their duties of beating the crap out of Roman Reigns on his behalf of late. He will, of course, still underestimate the little guys and reason that the LON needs to be taught a lesson, but they shouldn't be so roughed up by the end of Wrestlemania that if he needs them they can't still help. The remaining lead-up to the "Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment" will show Neville infrequently as he fights to gain his strength back. 

The final battle between Davids and Goliaths will see Neville leading the charge and a non-demon Balor determined to win without the benefit of uncontrollable supernatural powers. (By the way, Balor vs. Kane, demon vs. demon, would be a fantastic feud.) The Goliaths would get their comeuppance from Calisto, Zayn, Balor and their high-flying leader Neville, who would get to pull the craziest, "I-can't-believe-he-just-did-that," inhuman move ever to finish off Barrett, who will be the last giant standing by virtue of his ability to hide and be forgettable.

Revenge will be sweet, and sweeter still since Triple H would lose his backup. Don't worry. I'm not pushing for a Reigns victory, just a flabbergasted Triple H, since he's so good at looking shocked (and sounding like he's been drinking fiberglass insulation milkshakes). 

There are endless things you can do with a guy like Neville. He's calm and reserved, which makes him the right sort of guy to create compelling drama when someone finally ruffles his feathers. Having him initially take a severe beating, but come back stronger and more voracious than ever could solidify him as a courageous face. He could almost be a Superman archetype, except he can be hurt. He's also a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and is incapable of subterfuge. He could be betrayed and it could be heartbreaking.

Picture someone beating up someone he randomly gets put in a tag team match with, and him having to drag the guy to safety. Or picture him patiently sitting through a verbal berating about his ears being like bat wings, only to turn and speak from the heart about how it's not about looks, but deeds. He's even a bit, dare I say, Daniel Bryan-ish? Hurt someone he cares about and watch him go righteously nuts. Play up the underdog angle for this leaping goblin-guy and watch him endear himself to the hearts of fans everywhere.