Why I Am Not An Artist - #AWM2015

...And so it begins. I'm excited to participate in Lamplighter's Artist Writer Mashup on its inaugural voyage. I'd better be excited, as this is my very first blog post on my newly minted website.

I don't know that I'm supposed to share the illustration I was assigned. It feels a bit silly not to, but then again, it also feels fun. Let it be a secret. Let me tantalize you with hints of it, wisps and whisperings.

My assigned illustration, I will say, made me smile. The white space it lives against is vast and stark, which I enjoy. I like to pretend that the white in an artist's piece (when it's present) represents the air that occupies all the space around us which we think of as being empty. 

Another thing I like about the piece is that, while there are very few things depicted therein, what items do appear do so in twos. I've always had a nagging feeling that duality was the "correct" mode of humanity and perhaps the surrounding world. Yin and Yang, right and left, right and wrong, on and off - these things always felt instinctively correct to me. Light and dark have for many years been two of my favorite opposites. One could argue that my fascination with pairs, doubles and opposites stems in some way from my birthday which designated me a Gemini. But who really knows?

The name of this blog prompt is "Why I Am Not An Artist." I'm not an artist because I can't draw. If I could, I'd be speaking with paints and scissors and cameras and complex software programming. A picture's worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Nevertheless I shall endeavor to use words to make something new of what Lauren Clarke has done.

Wish me luck.