I am so grateful to have been able to direct a music short film for the band Tigerman. Proud creators of instrumental jam rock, the band worked in collaboration with my production company, Killer Goose Films, LLC, to create a unique short film for the song, "Someday You'll Be My Wife."

Hire me

My projects run from poetry to short films to feature scripts and more. So consider me to write for your publication, edit your manuscript, consult on your script, or voice your words. 


Do you have stories to tell, but can't find the best words to tell them? Do you have ideas for books but just can't get past the first act? Is there a beginning and an end but an empty void where the middle's supposed to go? I've helped people with all of these issues. I can be your partner, either as a ghostwriter or a cowriter.


My newspaper days have given me a Hawkeye status. I can copy-edit superbly because of this; I cannot stand finding typos in supposedly professional publications. 


Newspaper editing and some freelance desktop publishing (does anyone still call it that?) have also given me an eye for layout. Hopefully this website is a testament to that.

I've edited research papers, manuscripts, screenplays, pilots, doctoral theses, novellas, news articles and poetry. The rules of grammar can be bent, and even broken, but only with intention. I can parse out the difference between distinctive style and mistake.


As a consultant, I will give notes on the very big aspects of your work: plot & plot devices, character realism & development, pacing, target audience, etc.

My years of writing and editing poetry have taught me to consider every single word, and I've become quite adept at trimming the fat from scripts and stories to make them read at exactly the pace desired. I'm an unabashed slasher, and I can polish your work and make it market-ready.


A quick Audible search for me can show you my work in the field of audiobook narration. If you like what you hear, I'd love to work in various genres, including nonfiction. I'd love to do more voice acting as well.



Feel free to peruse. Feedback is always welcome!