are you a white man with a script?

Afraid your work might be interpreted as sexist?

Worry not. You’ve come to the right place. I will go beyond the Bechdel Test and do a complete Gender Inclusive Audit of your work.

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someday you’ll be my wife

I wrote, directed, edited, and produced a music short film for the band Tigerman. Proud creators of instrumental jam rock, the band worked in collaboration with myself and my production collective, Killer Goose Films, to create a unique short film for the song, "Someday You'll Be My Wife."

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I can help.


Do you have stories to tell, but can't find the best words to tell them? Do you have ideas for books but just can't get past the first act? Is there a beginning and an end but an empty void where the middle's supposed to go? I've helped people with all of these issues. I can be your partner, either as a ghostwriter or a cowriter.


I can copy-edit superbly, but content is where I do my best work. I've edited research papers, articles, newspapers, manuscripts, screenplays, pilots, doctoral theses, novellas, news articles, poetry, and marketing materials.


A quick Audible search will show you my work in the field of audiobook narration. If you like what you hear, I'd love to work in various genres, including nonfiction. I'd love to do more voice acting, and I'm a damn good singer, too.


As you might have guessed from my work on “Someday You’ll Be My Wife,” I know my way around some video production. I’ve made a few online video ads over the years, some for clients and some for fun. Happy to help you with video projects large and small.


FUN FACT: I am also an ordained, nondenominational Reverend. So I can legally marry you and your beloved if you envision a secular ceremony.

DISCLAIMER: I say "secular" because after repeated attempts to contact various gods, I've not secured a single endorsement from any of the big ones people tend to seek the blessings of. Gods, in my experience, are not great at returning phone calls.


Feel free to peruse. Feedback is always welcome!